Red chinese dragon

The Red Chinese Dragon

It started as a normal Monday morning in the studio, then the phone rings. “Jeff, it’s Jay, you busy?” Never to busy for clients, sure Jay whats up? And so it goes, then I get the details…

Client needs a shot of a red Chinese dragon for a corporate invitation to be shot on white. They need the finished shot in a few days. Where do I start?

First stop Google. I tried every combination of words one word, two word, sentences, I kept coming up short costumes were available from other cities, but they were at the earliest, 4 days out. This is Houston, the 4th largest city in the US we should have one here. Start the networking, I resorted to using the phone, called anyone, then on the last call of the day, someone mentioned the Chinese Multicultural Center of Houston.

Bingo, not only did they point me in the direction of the elusive, red Chinese dragon, but also to the performers. Eureka!!!

The message here is don’t give up, keep trying, exhaust all avenues. There really is a red Chinese dragon waiting for you to find it.

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