Jeff Myers Image

Jeffrey D. Myers

Passionate about photography and a true connoisseur of light, Jeff is renowned for his ability to manipulate light and shadow as he creates compositions that do more than just capture a moment, but tell a story. He has honed his skills to a fine craft for corporations large and small, international and local — individuals, famous and not-so — all with an eye on developing visual images that can communicate and compel on diverse levels.

Jeff graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York and has pursued a career in commercial photography in Houston ever since. His work has been published internationally in numerous magazines, annual reports and books. He’s photographed assignments around the world in over 20 countries and won countless awards for his commercial work. His photographs have been exhibited in the Professional Photographers Showcase in Orlando, Florida.

Well-known for his ability to turn visions into stunning images, Jeff is less likely to promote, but is equally if not more admired for his enthusiasm to help clients solve their marketing and communications challenges and help them achieve success using well-executed imagery.