LSU Athletic Director Skip Bertman

You’ve Got Five Minutes

Editorial photography can be a lot of fun, you get to meet and interact with some interesting people. In this case it was Legendary LSU Baseball Manager Skip Bertman, who at the time of the photo shoot was the current Athletic Director at LSU.

I showed up early for the shoot, figuring I would be able to scout his office, and at least have time to set up for a 30-45 minute session with Skip. Well that didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped. I got called in and he politely informed me I had 5 minutes, and then he had to run.

OK, I opened his blinds, had him sit down on his sofa, and went to work. No time for propping, not time for lighting, just enough time to sit him down set up the camera and fire a few frames.

The photographer has to remember, that the subject is more important than they are. Their time is more valuable than yours. Not losing sight of these basic ideals will keep your ego in check, and result in a great photograph.

Don’t stress out if what you had planned isn’t going to happen, go with the flow.
You will be surprised what you can accomplish with an open mind.

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