Real Estate Photography, Why Hiring Me Has An Upside.

Producing high end real estate photography in Houston, I get to see a lot of beautiful homes. There are a number of real estate photographers in the Houston area, that basically give their work away. They do that by doing volume work, with a cookie cutter approach. Recently I got a call from a very upscale Realtor. I was asked to come in and reshoot what had been done by another company. I went to the website to see what had been shot, and much to my surprise all of the photographs were ok. Seriously, they were good for a real estate website. The shots were clean, a few off angles, some that I would do a little differently but for the most part the shots were just fine. I called the agent back and asked if they were sure about having me come out, as I thought I wouldn’t be able to make that much of a difference. I feel if I am honest, then there won’t be any argument. They assured me that they needed me. The contract on the house was about to expire, and the agent wanted to keep it. He was willing to spend money to have me come out and take care of business for him. We agreed that the house would need 10 shots, and I looked at the ones that I could improve on, again, there really wasn’t that much in the grand scheme of things that needed to be improved upon.

When I arrived the homeowner was there, and he went through what he thought were the bad points of all the shots. He also proceeded to unload another 15 shots on me, that weren’t part of what the Agent and I had worked out. I asked the Agent and they said do it. So I did, we went through the entire house every room, taking care of the things that bothered the home owner. When I was done the homeowner was grateful. He called the realtor and told him that he would renew the contract, and all is good.

I basically became the therapist for the agent and the seller, assuring the seller that they had made the best possible decision to work with the best possible agent in town. Stroking all of the egos to help make this something that would work. Real estate photography works like that, sellers, agents. Making all of the clients involved happy is the priority.

I take the time to listen to the clients wants and needs. When the photography is done I sit down and take care of digital business myself instead of handing them off to another person in cookie cutter fashion. I remember the nuances of the house I just photographed and I can translate them onto the digital files in post. I work in beautiful high end homes, that cater to the upscale buyer, and it won’t interfere with the commission of the agent. I am here to help the agent move a home. That simple. To that end, I will bust my butt to make sure that all of the photographs work to help sell the house. This story does have a happy ending, 4 days after the photographs were changed out, the house sold. The Agent is thrilled, the homeowner is thrilled, and I am happy that it all worked out. It doesn’t always work this way, this time had a happy ending.


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