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Houston Luxury Home Photography

I like to photograph luxury homes in Houston, having been trained in photographing architecture I have gravitated to the high end home market. Luxury home builders expect quality photography that is second to none. Sure there are inexpensive alternatives in the market and some of these real estate photographers take good photos, but that is where it ends.

When you call Jeff Myers Photography you will get just that, me, on the phone and at your home. I bring 45 years of resources to the job, along with the knowledge of what makes a great architectural photograph.
Take for instance this exterior architectural shot of a luxury home in Houston, TX. A couple of things to consider on this shot. One, the time of day. It was shot at dusk during that brief few minutes in the evening that the sky and the interior of the house were at the same lighting intensity. The time that is available from mother nature lasts about ten minutes. It is the site preparation that begins long before the shot that makes it happen. Locating the proper angle, setting all of the lights on in the house. Making
sure exterior lights are on and working. Second, camera elevation. This particular shot was done with a camera crane, or a jib, to get us at an elevation of roughly 15 feet above the ground. You may be asking yourself why is this important? The answer is in how much of the front yard we can actually see at that angle. That is important to the builder, site elevation and landscaping actually work hand in hand with the design of the home to make it as beautiful as possible.

That is my job, to bring to the table all of this experience, acquired tools, and knowledge of what makes a high end luxury home in Houston look like it should.
Commercial photography, and commercial photographers are an ever evolving skill set, take advantage of those with the experience. Sure I am a bit more expensive, but I will get the job done right the first time.

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